Garry's Mod custom map issue

I recently got back in to playing Garry’s Mod and got a new account on steam and installed the Valve Pack/Garry’s Mod. Everything at first was normal and there were no problems visibly, until one day this! I have uninstalled Garry’s Mod and CS:S to try to fix the problem and it didn’t fix.

This is what most of the maps look like when I join.

If any one out there knows of this problem and has fixed it, please leave a reply, Thanks.

have you disable cc:s from settings?

I think I figured it out. I feel so dumb saying this but… All my extensions were disabled for some reason… I think someone in my house is playing tricks.

You seem to be missing a lot of textures, including that of the skybox- explaining the void effect (Blurry look).

Ah, I’m late. Sorry.