Garrys mod custom maps


Me and my friend built a map in multiplayer. I saved the map thinking that I can reload it later in multiplayer but it seems like I cant :confused:

Also I wanted to make it so that the props that I inserted as an admin is only movable by me. I thought that saving and reloading would put them in place :confused:

I am a noob when it comes to this game and I learn new stuff every day but I have been googling this for about an hour now and I have not found any solution! D:

Thanks for any help

How exactly did you save it?
If you saved it you might want locate it, rename it and upload it to your server then select from there. Otherwise you probably didn’t save it at all and just saved the server.

As for prop protection try this:
Just look up a tutorial for it once you have it installed.

Well the server is my own computer

I just pressed Q and went to save which saved it as a gms file

What is the save file called? Go into the console and type: rcon maps *
If you see the save file in there type: rcon changelevel Savename

If that doesn’t work I don’t know what to do.

When I use rcon maps * I just get

Unable to connect to the remote server (loopbacks)

I am not sure if you are getting me tho, I am not using any dedicated server. The server is the computer that I am playing on.