Garry's Mod Custom Model Issues

Hello all,

I’ve recently made a custom model in the application Fuse on Steam. I’ve already made it into a compatible addon for Garry’s Mod, and this is what it looks like in-game.

After making this, I wanted to make it into a compatible player model, but due to my little experience with animation, I do not know how to do so. If someone can help convert this into a player model (that isn’t just t-pose) or just point me in the right direction with a simple tutorial, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the addon:

(Yes, I know I am a noob.)

I never worked with Fuse, but I ca tell you that you would need to take a regular player model from Garry’s Mod, decompile it with Crowbar. You’ll find an SMD file with the skeleton system, then import that into Fuse. Using the skeleton and your model, you’ll have to align the skeleton to the model, then “weigh” the bones to the parts of the model.

Try looking up guides on Fuse Source Engine models.

Thanks, trying the method now.

EDIT: Couldn’t import SMD files into Fuse, looking for guides now.

EDIT 2: Okay, I managed to get the model decompiled. I am not sure for what to do next, so feel free to keep posting.

EDIT 3: Fuse has announced that there is no way of actually making their models into standard player models, so until otherwise noted, I am formally done with this post. (please no random bumps)