Garry's Mod Custom Npcs to source sdk?

Is it possible for me to use a garry’s mod npc and import it to source sdk, so that I can make endless zombies on a map using a custom zombie npc. Can i just add it to the garrysmod.fgd? Thanks in advance.

You could try that, but you don’t necessarily need to.
All you’d need to do is rename any entityname (Not the targetname) to whatever the zombies entity name is:

I.E. logic_case would become cust_zombie

Now, you can’t see the actual zombie and it will just show a “Null” picture with a yellow background and a guy thumbing you up, don’t worry, in-game the zombies will spawn.

If you planned on releasing the map, Then you’d have to include the zombie’s codes and modify the .FGD

Thanks, its for a friend’s gamemode.

I fucking love the Obsolete entity’s preview.

I have always wondered who that is

Looks like someone’s face photoshopped onto the Fonz.

I like the one from The Ship more:

Its Jason Mitchell pasted over the Fonz.


Yeah, didn’t a while back people do research about it and emailed gabe and people at valve trying to figure out who it was.

Zomg yes, this is gold.

Damn, that guy is old now.

i love how quickly this got off topic

Maybe you could add some lua spawnpoints ( ask someone)?