Garry's Mod - Custom particles and soundscapes aren't working on servers

Recently, I made test map that featured a custom soundscapes and particle effects. It worked fine in singleplayer,
but when I packed it in the .bsp and let a friend join the server, he didn’t see or hear them. Instead, the soundscape has been replaced by some random HL2 soundscape.

I’ve included all 5 needed files (particle manifest (maps), particle manifest (particles), particle file, soundscape manifest and the soundscape), and it still doesn’t work. ._.

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To precache a particle effect in garry’smod, you need to use a lua file. Make one under lua/autorun with


in it.

Happens to me on all maps

you need a soundscapes_manifest.txt in the scripts folder location

“file” “scripts/soundscapes_ttt_yourmapname.txt”
in it

as for the particles dunno

He said he already had that.

Put soundscapes_name.txt under garrysmod\scripts.
For particles, pack the “materials and particles” folders into a vpk and put it under garrysmod\custom.
Hope it helps

I’ve managed to fix the particles magically. For some reason, it just started working after I resaved them. Regarding the soundscapes, I said it’s fine in Singleplayer (otherwise I wouldn’t be even able to test them), but not on Multiplayer servers for other people.

Send the vpk to your friends, you didn’t do anything that anyone reply on this post.