Garry's Mod [DarkRp] Edited a game core file [Need Help!]

Hello people I made a Garry’s Mod Dedicated Server with the gamemode [DarkRP] I have the server up it runs good. And I needed jobs for the server I looked up on the internet and how to do it, and I thought it was in gamemodes > DarkRP > gamemode > config I edited the jobrelated.lua with notepad++ and I saw they said “DON’T EDIT THIS FILE” and I did anyway I didn’t know I wasn’t suppose to edit it I know now. I just looked it up and I was suppose to edit in gamemodes > DarkRP > Lua > darkrp_customthings > jobs.lua . but I accidently erased all of the info in the game core file “jobrelated.lua” I tried reinstalling darkrpmodifcation and creating a copy of the file It didn’t work. Is there some how I could get the info back in the game core file. Please help.

Don’t edit anything in the gamemode folder. Replace your current darkrp gamemode with this then download the darkrpmodification addon, and throw it in your addons folder. Edit ONLY the latter.

Thank you so much its solved now I got jobs working on the server thanks :smile: