Garry's Mod DarkRP Gun Dealer Shipment,Pistols Problem!

Hey, guys today i created a DarkRP server for testing, but when i choose Gun Dealer and spawn Shipment[AK,M4…], and press “E” on a shipment Weapon spawn , and i can’t pick up that gun is frozed in the air and with gravity, physics gun i cannot pick up, and pistols too frozed… :frowning: Any Ideas How to fix it? Here few Photos.

And Money too in the air, and frozed… Guys Please? Any Ideas? + I’m Running Latest DarkRP

I’ve never used the shipment crate before. But try touching them?

CSS isn’t properly installed.

ohh, thanks i fixed it. :slight_smile:

Nope, it’s not fixed… I don’t understand i downloaded CSS from hldsupdatetool.exe : hldsupdatetool -command update -game “Counter-Strike Source” -dir D:\srcds and i’m copied cstrike folder and pasted to my D:\srcds\ folder “cstrike” but when i’m starting Garry’s Mod And Garry’s Mod Server and joining to my server, Choosing Gun Dealer Job, Spawn shipment and press “E” To shipment gun droping but he’s still in air, and it’s freezed and i can’t pickup with “E” and Gravity gun, and physics gun… On Single Player DarkRP i can pick up normaly gun, but in my server i cannot pick up… Guys any ideas how to fix it? Maybe i do something Wrong?

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Hah! i fixed it! i was cstrike folder uploaded to D:\srcds\ , but i need it “cstrike” folder paste to the D:\scrds\orangebox\ :smiley: ADMINS YOU CAN DELETE THIS THREAD! :slight_smile: