Garry's Mod - DComboBox read Data from Table

Hello, I don’t have the best lua knowledge but I’ve been giving this a shot for a few hours and still have yet to figure it out.

Goal: To have a DComboBox create choices from a table and set the name, model, and filename of that choice.

		PComboBox = vgui.Create( "DComboBox", s)
		PComboBox:SetPos( 650, 450 )
		PComboBox:SetSize( 150, 20 )
		PComboBox:SetValue( "Primary Weapons" )
	     for _, v in pairs( WL.Weapons ) do 
          local weaponname = v.Name
		  local weaponmodel = v.Model
		 if v.Class == "primary" then
				PComboBox:AddChoice(weaponname, weaponname, true)
				PComboBox:AddChoice(weaponname, weaponname, false)
		PComboBox.OnSelect = function()
			surface.PlaySound( "buttons/button14.wav" )
			pmdl:SetModel(weaponmodel or "models/weapons/v_rif_ak47.mdl")