Garry's Mod Dedicated Server Connection Problems

So I started up a dedicated server a few days ago, port forward and opened all the ports.
All my friends could join the first few days but after a day or two some could join and some could not.
I haven’t figured out why this is happening so if any help can be provided it would be appreciated.

What feedback/errors are your friends getting when they try and join and get kicked out?
Are you all on the most recent version of the game?
Has your IP changed?

As in Console errors? if not its Failed after four retires.
Yes from what I can tell.

Four days ago my internal IP had changed but I just fixed some port on my router to fix it, after that all my friends could connect. A day later and I started having this problem.

Double check your port forwarding config… It sounds like that’s most likely the culprit.
Post it here if you need help.

Seems to me that all the port forwarding settings are correct if you want a screen shot of it I can provide that, but if the config was incorrect wouldn’t that make it so that no one could join instead of some people being able to join and some not?

Yeah, if some people besides those on your local network can join then port forwarding shouldn’t be the issue.
Check with your friends and make sure they’re all up to date (and your server is too)
Are you running the server on a separate box? If so make sure it’s IP is used in the port forwarding config, not your own computer.

The version is 2016.02.03 (If I am correct)
The server is on a separate box and it’s using the correct IP from what I can tell.

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This is the server and port forward

From the server box visit whatismyip and give that IP to your friends, looks like an external IP issue. You could install no-ip so whenever your public IP changes people can still join to your server.

Your port forwarding looks fine.

The IP address you’re seeing here is the internal IP address for your home network only.
Players outside of your home network can’s see this address and connecting to it will not work for them.

What you need to do is go here and copy that IP address.
This is the IP that your friends will have to connect to in order to join your server over the internet.

(Sorry for the late reply)

I already use that IP for my friends and I still get that some can connect some can’t connect issue.

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I haven’t heard of no-ip so I will look into it to see if that will help me any.