Garry's Mod Dedicated Server - Expectations

Hi, I apologies if this thread is posted in the wrong forum but I’m interested in renting a dedicated server to run multiple Garry’s Mod servers. When it comes to hardware requirements with Garry’s Mod servers I become a bit blank because I can’t seem to find an official document about server demands/requirements.

These questions may seem a bit silly but I’d like to know a bit more about the requirements for hosting a Garry’s Mod server.

-How demanding is SRCDs on the CPU and how much RAM does it take? (I know this may vary on the game-mode and addons but a rough idea would be nice)

-Is SRCDs run on a single-thread?

-If it is indeed single-threaded, with a multi-core server could I run multiple instances on separate cores?

-What is the average network usage per player?

Aside these questions, I have a few specifications about a server that I am keeping my eye on and I would like to know what your opinions are on this about how well it may run.

CPU - 1x Intel® C2750 (Avoton) 8 Cores @ 2.4Ghz
SSD - 120GB (can’t give any more information on this)

Guaranteed bandwidth - 200 Mbit/s
Max bandwidth - 1 Gbit/s
Traffic - Un-metered

Any relevant feed-back will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Honestly SRCDS isn’t that demanding. It’s a 32 bit process so the max memory it can use is 4GB ( or 3.5 ) and it runs on 1 to 2 threads. A low end machine with decent internet connection could run a server just fine.

As with all servers, I’d suggest you have a dev server ( so when you want to add things to production they’re tested thoroughly on the dev prior to introducing it to a live [ people playing on it ] server ):

These links should contain everything you need:

And a few helpful tools and programs:

My dev server stays at around 320MB or so ( without precaching all models ) and doesn’t go above that regardless of the stress-tests executed because my code manages memory. If you install addons such as FAS2 or M9K you may encounter memory leaks; I don’t recommend these on games that don’t frequently change maps.

Thank you for the information Acecool, I found it useful.

One last question, if I were to run a basic game-mode, lets say Death-Run or trouble in the terrorist town, how demanding do you think it would be to have 40+ players on a single server?

Depending on the game mode you run, and the tickrate you set, you will either won’t need a powerful cpu… or you’ll need as fast a cpu as you can get.

For game modes that use a lot of cpu, you’ll want to aim for 3 Ghz+ on an Intel E3
TTT would need a higher end cpu if you’re going for 40 players.

You can change settings to reduce the load… For example, a lot of the issues caused on TTT servers is caused by people dropping weapons on top of each other and walking on them or putting them in a doorway… You can change the weapon collision group when they spawn to DEBRIS_TRIGGER so it only collides with the world and it fixes that potentially abusable physics issue…

DarkRP will have a lot of people spawning entities / building things so that will require more than a TTT server.

But, obviously a lot can be changed / rewritten to be as optimized as possible and you can then have near-full servers without needing top-of the line hardware…

My TTT Version will be out soon; going to call it Behind Enemy Lines, Strike Force / Task Force, or something similar which will be a TTT clone but using my dev_framework… ie everything optimized as much as I know how with different team names and a few surprises and it will be released for anyone to host. Just a few libraries left to finish and the gui…

I see what you mean about how demanding the server may be depending on the game-mode. I wish you good luck to your game-mode and I may consider giving it a try on a server.