Garrys Mod Dedicated Server FastDL Problem

I’m sorry if this isn’t the correct category, but i may haven’t found the correct one, if there is a help forum.

I have configured a Gmod dedicated server on a Windows Server.
It runs smoothly but when i tried to setup the FastDL, it didn’t work at all.

To be more precisly, I used this “Guide/Tutorial” (

It didnt work at all. I used apache on windows to make the folders accessabile and then i configured my Server.cfg as said in the Guide:
“sv_downloadurl” “
“sv_allowupload” “0”
“sv_allowdownload” “0”

But is it really correct that “upload” and “download” is set to “0”?

Eitherway it doesn’t even work when i change them both to “1”!
No FastDL what so ever… is there a problem that FastDL and Server are on the same Server?

I would be very glad for any help.
Thanks in advance

PS: Some more info. My FastDL structure looks like this http://88.XXX.43.119:8080/garrysmod/models[materials,sounds, etc]

edit: I feel stupid, i didn’t even see the subforums. :X Would be nice if someone answers here anyway…