Garry's Mod Dedicated server lagging

Hey there! I am having some issues with my Garrysmod server. I am hosting this on a dedicated box I have in Washington. The server I am running has suddenly exploded with players and i reach 50/50 players constantly. However, at about the 32 player mark i am having these very weird lag spikes. The ping shoots up to about 170, Lerp turns yellow in my net_stat and stuff just temporarily freezes for about half a second then continues on. I will try to provide as much information as possible.

Server Specs:

CPU: Intel Xeon 1270-V3 @ 3.5GHz
Ram: 16GB
Connection: 1GBps un-teamed
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2

Server Executable information (SRCDS.EXE)
I have the executable hooked up to FireDaemon. This program basically auto reboots the server every night for me at noon, and auto reboots the server if it crashes (It never crashes). The process is running on high priority.


I have tried tweaking with the tickrate and i couldnt find anything, so right now the tickrate is default (Didnt include in commandline). When the server had about 15 players online the server itself had 66 FPS. Here is my current CFG. OH also, I am running DarkRP with TDM Cars and some other addons.

And here is a screenshot from the second the server started to lag:


Thanks! Please help me!

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EDIT: I have removed Enforcer, and Deagle Logs, the lag has cleared up a bit, At 40 players i am getting about 100 ms ping, and the usermessages arent all over the place. They arent lag spikes anymore, its just steady lag

I use FireDaemon myself too, and currently we can handle 65ish players with no major issues (as long as there aren’t a mortifying amount of E2’s ad massive bases sticking out of the map with entities flying everywhere). The only difference we have is that we have it set to Real Time (Which I recommend no matter what windows say’s…). If you do a check whilst at a high playercount count on how much of your cores are being used you may find SRCDS is just running on your core with windows and any other things youv got running and you may wanna switch it.

You can check this by going to task manager > Then go to performance > Then click on “Open resource manager”. > Click on CPU and check all the pretty graphs.

Mine looks like this at 60 players

Id defiantly recommend dropping the tickrate to something like 23. You can do this by adding -tickrate 23 to the parameters section on firedeamon (on the program tab).

Another thing is potentially sticking this into your server.cfg if you set your tickrate to 23 (just change the sv_maxupdaterate and sv_maxcmdrate to 1 more than your tickrate if you don’t change it.

sv_minrate			1
sv_maxrate			1048576
sv_minupdaterate	1
sv_maxupdaterate	24
sv_mincmdrate		1
sv_maxcmdrate		24

This is also gonna sound painful, and I know how it feels as im usually in your position, but youv got a MASSIVE amount of addons. Im not saying kill them all and reduce it to the plain darkrp gamemode, but what youv got is a bit excessive. Start slowly removing addons which aren’t over used over time, because its just not gonna get better.

Youv also got a few odd things in your addons file like the map and some player models which shouldn’t really be there! And I also see you got 2 slot machine addons! Things like that where one has to go!

Hope this helps and sorry for all the slang words like “youv” ive used countless times!

I have already gone and started removing tons of addons. Most of them logging addons. I have also removed a ton of useless ones, and ones that were installed manually and also through steam have been removed. As i am looking at the CPU, my CPU is saying:

CPU 0:

Is there a way to move the server to a different core so its not on the same one as windows?

Also, Are you sure these server.cfg settings will work? I have been searching some configs for days and i swear some people are morons.

EDIT: I just noticed this?

CPU 0 was set before, Will checking off multiple cores work? I highly doubt it but i am not sure and don’t want to mess anything up.

Yep that’s where you change it! Change it to something like cores 1 and 2. I remembering reaching a bit ago, not sure if its 100% true but SRCDS will run on one core (that one is a fact) but it processes a bit of networking stuff on another core (not sure about this one but id try it anyway :slight_smile: )

And id say changing the server.cfg a shot. Don’t think it made a massive difference but every little helps :slight_smile: