Garrys Mod Dedicated Server Manager v0.4 fixes

My very new + nice dedicated server manager and my first release. Just Making Administrating your gmod Server easyer!
By Gordon MacPherson (Me!) :smiley:
Screenshot (look down)

Download FIXED!!!

File Info: My very Nice Dedicated Server Manager.
I makes your job easyer as a server admin because it simplfys things instead of haveing to go through loads of config files instead they are set auto-maticaly by my program on launch

This is the alpha version and is going to be updated in a couple of days i hope you guys like my first release

PLZ comment spent a week making this :slight_smile:

Working on Right NOW!!! = configuration that saves it self and a nicer gui ( Comming Soon aka Tomorow :smiley: )

PLZ comment spent a week making this :slight_smile:

In all honesty, if you spent a week, i’d expect much better. like autosaving.

I could code that exact program in 30 minutes.


Shit program, not useful (atleast configs stay ;))

Maybe if you write the configs next time :wink:

then I’ll see about it :wink:

this is my first ever program thanks for being a dick but thanks for the config idea

Called Constructive Critisism, don’t EVER release your first program.

I would know.

Listen at least he tried! I’m going to try this out :slight_smile:


file not found >.<

It’s a decent effort, but it needs work.

Things to do:

Have it save settings ( and make the settings portable )
Auto-detect maps
Use tabs or a similar interface tool to allow for multiple servers as well as it having the sense to alert the user of conflicts ( eg, on the same port )
Improve the interface ( it really isn’t good )

Maybe the interface could look more like this:

I know the spacing is off on the list, but it’s just an example.

Go do better nofear, at least it has a function and purpose.

On top of Kogitsune’s ideas,

Command line enforcement/Auto correction.

Make sure people are using the correct - or + prefix when adding launch options.

hey dudes thank you all for the replys/support i love the feature ideas and tell you guys what. il add all your ideas in with a PimPed Gui, omg and thanks for the link :smiley: i never knew that was even real :smiley:


ooops fixed more stupid bugs :smiley: i fixed some of the shell commands :smiley: ooops (and thats the basics) :smiley:


ok what asshole got my file deleted… hmmm let me guess…


anyway il get the ideas and gui + bugs out of the way before i re-upload :smiley:


Hey the link is fixed :smiley:

I’ve always dreamed of a console that mimics the srcds console but isn’t in cmd mode. I don’t know if it’s possible to copy a cmd window though.

I mainly want this because it’s easier to work with.

something that you can run server and it runs logs through a text field? I haven’t experimented with this and I doubt you can do this without modules.

You should post this in the Programming forum, they would help you more.

This is the Lua Scripting forum for Garry’s Mod, not VB.

This looks… promising.

OMG you guys rock youve given me loads of awsome ideas! :smiley:

For some reason, You piss me off so much just by seeing you in a thread, i seriously want to beat the living shit out of you.


Quit acting like a pro.


No, You should know by now to /never/ release anything you make. Because it is probably horrible and you are trying to be a wannabe. I seriously hate you, Like /alot/.

OMG schumacher You rock :smiley:

/You/ /Should/ /Never/ /Post/ /Like/ /This/.

Nofear is 11 years old and thinks he is a badass.

hey wats up guys just working on the config saving system & gui gimme 1 hour :smiley: it will rock :smiley:

It is just how i talk, My apologies mate. I’ll try my best not to do so… But anyway, I agree with you.

XML config ot txt?

Add me to steam, my account name is ( Once again, not my email.) You seem like a nice guy, Deserving enough to be on my list i suppose. :slight_smile: