Garry's Mod Dedicated Server (No Downloading)


[li].net Framework 1.1 (Download)
[/li][li]GCFScape (Download)
[li]Garry’s Mod (garrysmod content.gcf)
[/li][li]Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server (source 2007 dedicated server.gcf)

Step by Step




1. Browse to your steamapps folder, This is usually at C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps

2. Locate then Open your garrysmod content.gcf.

3. Select the folder ‘garrysmod’ on the left, Right-click that folder
then select extract. Browse to your steamapps folder and then your
source 2007 dedicated server folder, Then hit extract. See picture
for complete path.

4. Now just wait, It won’t take too long to extract, After
it has completed close GCFScape and load Steam (Assuming it’s closed.)

5. Go to the Tools tab and load up Team Fortress 2: Dedicated Server, When it’s loaded, Select Garry’s Mod from the drop down menu.

6. You can now run a dedicated server for Garry’s Mod without
downloading any crap you already have.

Useful Command Parameters:
You can set these by right clicking on Team Fortress 2: Dedicated Server’s Properties then clicking Set advanced parameters or something like that.

Sets SRCDS to work in console mode, This requires -game, -map and +maxplayers.

Sets SRCDS to play a certain game, In this case we will use -game garrysmod

Sets SRCDS to play on a certain map, Example: +map gm_flatgrass

Specifies where to run on LAN or to run on Internet (0 = Internet, 1 = LAN)

Used to override IP when multiple network cards are installed.

Specifies Server-Tickrate.

Sets the server name. (eg. +hostname “Shadiku’s Server [#1] [Build]”)

Tell’s SRCDS how many players at maximum can play on the server. (eg. -maxplayers 8)


Updated the thread.

This is no different than using the Steam Dedicated Server. Do NOT use this method, it’s about as stable as Windows ME.

This doesn’t even work.

It works, but it has the 0/1 curse.

Whichever the case, I prefer the “clean” approach to hldsupdatetool, as well as the ability to update the next patch which Garry applies.

I “guess” it takes some time to download the base, sure. Archive it for when things blow up, then. Personally, I could get a GMod DS up in about fifteen minutes including the download, but go fig.

You are all dumb. It works fine. I am using it right now. Absolutely fine.

You clearly don’t understand the difference between Steam Dedicated Server and SRCDS. Allow me to show you:

SDS = Unstable and unsuitable for serious dedicated hosting.

I don’t see your point… They are the same, except one uses a GUI ? So I guess essentially GUIs are bad and therefor you still use DOS ?

SDS is horrible, they are similar, but the one that comes with steam is like a Tonka Truck while SRCDS is a real truck. Why do you people insist on a GUI for SRCDS?

They’re not the same in stability terms. If you want an example, use this:

SRCDS is an AK-47. It’s reliable, stable and is made out of solid metal and wood.
SDS is an M4. It’s prone to jamming, delicate and made out of plastic and fibreglass.

That’s one of the most awesome ways of describing it.

Hmm. Mine seems fine… Who knows.

And I do like the console, but the way this describes installing was a much more simple way, or at least I preferred the way described.

You are thinking of the M16, M4A1 is extremely reliable!

Everytime I tried to use SRCDS to get the Counter Strike source files it never worked. This hopefully should work. Also why are we comparing Dedicted Server System to guns?

Installing SRCDS is far easier than rummaging through GCFs and copying files all over the place. The SDS GUI is a buggy pile of crap, nobody ever uses it because if it crashes, you can’t automatically restart it; which for Gmod is a bad thing unless you want to sit at your server 24/7 waiting to restart the thing when it craters.

ok then. How do I get the CSS files to download for Srcds then because i don’t know how to without it saying installation not found.

hldsupdatetool -command update -game “counter-strike source” and copy/move/link cstrike to orangebox.

I cant work the hldsupdate tool one yet, it’s still LAN, and I have no idea what to do-and before you ask, I have port forwaded