garry's mod dedicated server problems?

okay, so i decided to make a dedicated server and i followed to steps at precisely as it says. i’ve port forwarded it as it says, but i’m still the only one who can join. if you have got a clue what’s wrong, please tell me so i can try it out.

port forwarded it as it says.

everything looks fine here, i think.

all installed correctly here too.

See if you can connect to your external ip using the “connect” command in console.

already tried that.

You can’t connect through your external ip. You may only connect via lan. Go to find it, copy and paste ip, then add :27015 and give to friend
tell him if he can connect. If it doesn’t work then idk. Also make sure you check your lan ip address and make sure it’s forwarded.

Thats not how port forwarding works.

Actually, yes it is. The server won’t be online even if you do everything right, you have to constantly see if your LAN ip has changed and if it has you must update that. Let’s say you make the Port Forward thing and lan ip is ? Your lan ip changes. You suddenly lose connection if you were on. You can’t figure out what you did. You have to change it again. So Shut The F*** Up.

okaay… but i have forwarded my lan ip, as you see in the screenshot. but cant i make it so people can join it from the server list?

Do you have a cfg?

just configure your network card to have a static IP adress of than it’ll be forwarded permanently.

how can you do that? what shall i fill in here:

no that’s in your computers networking device configurations. just configure your adapter to have a IP adress of

how do you do that then? sorry, im new to all the networking stuff.

okay thanks, ill try that


doesnt work either.

you’ve set your IP to and the ip in your router the ports should be forwarded to right?(well the 160 doesn’t matter as long as they are the same in your router and pc permanently)

i appearently forwarded it wrongly before, but now my friends can join by writing in their console when it is up… but does it show up in the server list too? and if it doesnt, how can i make it do?

That my friend, is something not added to my knowledge of gmod

okay. but thanks for the help, making my friends able to join.

No prob.