Garrys Mod dedicated server settings

So i just started my own dedicated server to play on with my brother and friend, but there alot of settings i want to change. I type in “sv_accelerate” in the prompt and it says this
“Can’t change replicated ConVar sv_accelerate from console of Client, only server operator can change its value”
I changed the user settings in the Gmod server folder so im super admin but it still says the same msg. Can someone please tell me how to become the “server operator”

You have to change that value from the server console.

Thanks, but how do i get to the server console? I was using the console in the game menu

The server console is the console on the dedicated server, or alternatively… add that to your server.cfg on your dedicated server configs.

I was using the console on the server, sorry I said that wrong, sorry to keep asking but can you send me an example on what i might put in the server.cfg file? I tried just putting \sv_accelerate 20

Why \