Garry's Mod Dedicated Server specs


I want to host a 24 slot PERP server at home. I’m getting a new computer so I was thinking of converting my current one into a server, these are the specs of it.

Any help would be great! Btw it’s an Australian Based computer.

speeds are nowhere near enough for 24 people.

Those spec’s arent near enough for 24 people either.

You’re going to host a server, wirelessly? and a perp?

Good luck.

This is enough for about like 8 players or something…
Try a gamemode that doesn’t allow you to spawn props, or entities. Like Flood.
If you would host a darkrp server, it would lag way to much.

Since SRCDS isn’t multi-threaded I’d recommend getting as efficent CPU (by efficent I mean single core performance : MHz) and as high clock as possible. Don’t go for extreme editions or i7, you will waste your money. GPU doesn’t matter. RAM isn’t a problem either. And Source engine has network traffic cap.

Keep in mind all of that is just theoritical.

It doesn’t matter because he has less then 128KB/s upload/bandwidth available.

Average player easily eats up 15KB/s-20KB/s so he’s going to be able to host (comfortably) 4-5 people on that connection - maybe 8 if he wants to push the envelope, but seeing as it’s a home connection and the speeds won’t be stable especially if he tries uploading images/etc - 4-5 comfortably.

Sure you can cap the rate but there will be a LOT of choke after a certain point.