Garry's Mod Dedicated Server's

Hey guy’s I need some help! I want to have a 24/7 dedicated Garry’s Mod server but I do not want to pay for it and I do not want to use HLDS Update tool and have to forward my port’s and host it from my computer! Is there any way I can get a free dedicated server for Garry’s Mod?


If you don’t want to use HLDS update tool, and you don’t want to port forward, you sir don’t deserve a server, + if you can’t even set that up chances are you don’t have the brain capacity/will/anti-lazyness(ftw) to manage a server… Again, you don’t deserve one.

I acually have it set up but I just want a 24/7 dumb ass!

Try to get someone host it for you

Leave your computer on 24/7 :smiley: