Garry's Mod Demo Questions

Hello Everybody, I’m Grammicals and I have some inquiries about the demo feature.

#1. How do you save a demo? I know how to record a demo, stop a demo, and even open a demo but when I look for my demos… I see none. I tried several times with recording and stopping the recording but no changes in game or the filepath via client explorer and not a single demo. So I need to learn how to save those.

#2. Is there a way to remove the Big Red “REC”?

I made keybinds to turn the ‘cl_drawhud’ off & on (0 & 1) but it doesn’t affect the Big RED “REC”. Maybe there is a different type of HUD keybind, addon, or a way to replace a texture.

Saw a bit of a lead, from one of the posts from this necro status thread on a different forum, on how to possibly replace the texture on this website (sorry if the link isn’t allowed but using it to explain influence):
Not really familiar with their community so would rather use as a reference and ask on official facepunch forums.

I just have no idea how I would even find the garry’smod.gcf and then open it to then go find the rec texture than replace it. Also I don’t know if garry’s mod will realize I changed a bit of it.

This is important because I want to be able to record via screen recording program and use the console demo recording way as they both have their benefits. So getting rid of the red REC and saving demos is important to me.

~ Grammicals

  1. Demos are saved into garrysmod\garrysmod\demos, the ones you make through gm_demo or whatever
  2. gm_demo_icon 0

I wasn’t asking for the file path… I knew how to get to the filepath…
There’s no demos in there besides doing a record command and stop commands though while in game.
I can open the demos but I can’t find a demo file like via filepath. Even in game if I click the demos section, I don’t see anything despite just recording something.

What exactly do you think demos are?

Well I know demos should be digital files I can find in the my computer. I was a part of a gaming community as a staff member and people filed reports on others ocassionally using demos as the evidence in file form.
Not a rendering but they literally handed off a demo & it would play. I want to be able to see my demo files because I may not be down to animate cameras and export demos into video files right after recording. I want to insure my demos will remain as files though that I can retrieve days maybe even weeks after recording.


Okay I’m going to try to elaborate a bit more.
So let’s say I open the console.
I type
record yoloswag

I do whatever I do in game that I want recorded so I open console and type stop
Okay at this point I’m not able to find my demo via filepath OR in game if I check my demos.

I can open them by doing an
open yoloswag.dem (I can’t remember right off the top of my head if I need the file extension or not at the end when opening).

Here are the problems I see with this though.
#1. I don’t want to have to write down the name of everything I record on record (notepad or something). I want to go to the filepath or click ‘my demos’ in game & see them right there.
#2. I have no idea if the way I open those demos via console is on some sort of cache. Like if I recorded something and closed garry’s mod… would I be able to open it later on?

One of the problems is I want to be able to manipulate the camera on demos way after I recorded them. I know this is possible since I’ve seen demos.

I’m just very confused as to why I’m not seeing a form of any of the demos I recorded on Garry’s Mod or a file path. This is very strange to me and it makes me feel insecure. I don’t want to do multiple recording sessions to acquire hours of footage (planning on doing some live server, cool edits) just to end up wasting time.

-Sniped this part-
EDIT: I just realized the 2nd portion of what this post means.

Thanks for helping me find out how to remove the giant red “REC”. Hopefully I can figure out why my demos aren’t in the file path.

To my knowledge, demos don’t save in the demos folder but rather in the garrysmod folder.

I think the first half of my problem has been solved. I’m seeing demos in the garrysmod/garrysmod
rather than garrysmod/garrysmod/demos.
That’s odd they aren’t in the demos folder. It seems when I click ‘demos’ in game it’s still associated with the demos folder filepath. I just expected the in game shortcut to match out where the game was outputting them to…