Garrys mod dev cannot find addons

I have recently downloaded all my garrys mod addons all over again, but before it finshed, i turned to dev (since it may of been due to the whole something:remove dieing on normal) now its not finding my addons AT ALL. any help?

You installation path might have moved to steamapps/common/ if it still haven’t.

My garrys mod has allways (still is) in my user name, should I move it? looks homely in there.

Oh wait, you mean not finding the addons in the Main Menu > Addons?

Should of cleared that up sorry, I mean all my subscibed addons are there, but they say they need installing. Yet every single one is installed. and if I click install, nothing happens.

Oh. It is a bug with dev version, it is known, It will be fixed.

Oh, thanks.