Garry's Mod Development Skype Channels

Hey everyone!

I am starting up some development channels on Skype for any developers who want to collaborate or need help. Simply click to join. Remember there is 0 tolerance for flame + spam.

Model Makers:

Lua Coders:

Map Makers:

Audio Makers:

I hope this helps!

I’m quite skeptical about this. Skype, an IM platform riddled with exploits of all things?

I wold suggest joining this Steam group instead, we are quite active in the chat:

Just make sure you don’t join expecting us to do everything for you.


I don’t exactly think skype is the best thing to use, considering it is extremely easy to get IP addresses, etc.

Maybe Teamspeak or Mumble would be a better option.


I can absolutely understand why one might be skeptical about this. If it means anything, I got inspired to this because it worked quite well with the ArmA community ( and there are well over 300+ people in the modelling channel alone. It is full of people who always inspire each other and are there to help each other out. I believe that it would be awesome to get the Garry’s Mod community working together on making some amazing things for the community.

Edit: To clarify, this channel is not for voice chat, but rather text chat.

Why not Google Hangouts? Theres an art website/group and they hold hangouts for everyone to show work/talk/ask for help ect.

Just make an IRC or something.

Come to think of it, I can make one myself?

If everyone will agree, I will make a Slack channel. I also have a non-profit license for Teamspeak so I can also host a Teamspeak for Garry’s Mod development if everyone can agree upon that. I am happy to give administrator and moderators to those who haves those tags on the forums.

There’s often 15 or more people in the glua steam group chat. It isn’t exactly family-friendly.

This is very true. My plan is making a “family-friendly” environment that is moderated for Garry’s Mod developers safety and further enjoyment.

GLua steam chats the shit

I would be down for some Slack rooms to find some modelers/mappers and even graphics artists. As a non-artistic programmer, this is often a bottleneck.

I’ll get working on some Slack rooms and a Teamspeak. Once I get those done, does an admin mind deleting this thread to keep people from posting any further as I am going to be creating a new thread for the Slack and Teamspeak information? is a fancy slack clone kinda thing that looks pretty nice (has voice channels too), but slack is just as nice

i think a lot of people are just using the steam groups already though

I think its pretty nice idea like of active developers, as i think not always you can get answer from glua (i think so). But that you can steal ips from skype thats just …

Better create a chatroom. As anyone who is doing development has a github account anyway.

Also regarding that ddos in Garrysmod is common practice, I wouldn’t use skype as it can reveal your IP.

I checked out discord and I really, like the idea of it. I am going to make a group and invite everyone. If this doesn’t work out I will just host a TeamSpeak server.

As wiox said, there’s a pretty large amount of people who frequent the glua chat thing. Not to crush your idea or anything dimitrik, but that’s probably the place you want to go if you want to talk with a shitload of people who write dumb addons for gmod.

That is not exactly what I want and many other do. Developers need an environment that is not just for gLua, but modelling, sounds, texturing etc.

I went yesterday on gLua chat, they told me it was devs chilling place and only 1 guy helped me, others were saying to me fuck off. So this is definitely good idea.

And you never took the advice of the one guy that was helping you. You just ignored his PMs.