Garry's Mod doesn't let me uninstall my addons.

If I try any method, they re-install themselves.

Theres sometimes a few things you have to do:

  1. Un-sub in workshop and then close steam.
  2. Go to your gmod folder and look for “addons” folder and remove any addons in here you don’t want.
  3. Go into your gmod folder and look for “download” (or Downloads) and you are looking for anything that has a long number and GMA on the end e.g. 29293323.gma and delete the gma files with a number that matches the addon ID (Number in the URL at the top of each of the addons workshop page)
  4. Start steam up.

When you sub to workshop addons they end up in your addons folder, when you join a server, even if you HAVE the addon subbed already, workshop forces another download and stores it in one of the downloads folders.

I assume this occurs to stop people modifying the GMA’s and then using them in-game or similar.