Garry's Mod Doesn't Save Settings + New Crash I've never Seen

Every time I quit Gmod, and when I go back in, all of my wire/rope/etc widths are reset to 2, Easy Precision is a default, everything is at default. Anyone else having this problem?

Edited: New Crash. Have to say I’ve never seen this one:

I’ve had the first problem a few times. As for the second, looks like some invalid physics stuff. Which map were you on?

I agree. Your Life Support 3 models may be shitting around with you, though. Make sure you have the latest version.

I was running Gooniverse, and I just downloaded the SVN yesterday.

Probably some FUBAR models. I suggest you wait for an update. Did it crash you to desktop multiple times or what? How/when did the error message appear? What were you doing prior to it appearing?