Garry's Mod doesn't work with DirectX 9

I’m not sure if bumping my old topic was a good idea, so i decided to make a new topic

Steam topic is here

This post and the second page has more recent news on the problem, no one on SPUF seems to know what’s up so i’m hoping some of you guys can be of help

Back in mid to late April this problem started happening, where loading a map would cause me to be stuck with the loading screen but hearing game sounds (demonstration), which is when i decided to make that topic on SPUF and here (i’m not sure why i did that when i had only just made my topic on SPUF), i didn’t know what the problem was and i tried everything me, my brothers and the SPUF users could come up with, none of it worked, that includes completely wiping the C drive and reinstalling everything and using a fresh installation of Garry’s Mod

But somewhat recently, i’ve been able to come close if not actually figuring out the cause of the problem, basically, my Vista computer (specs) can not run Garry’s Mod nor Garry’s Mod 13 on DirectX 9 as of mid to late April, so i’m forced to use -dxlevel 81, nothing happened during that time that should have broken the game’s compatibility with DirectX that even wiping the hard drive couldn’t fix

I still find it weird how it seems like i’m the only person to ever have this exact problem, i haven’t had this problem on an old Windows XP computer, i’ve never had it happen on the laptop, nor have i ever had it happen on the Windows 7 computer, this is the first time i’ve seen this problem and have never been able to fix it in some way (i’m not saying going down to DirectX 8.1 is a fix because it makes the game look quite ugly as well as breaking certain textures, even though it doesn’t break when loading a map now)

So what’s the dealio, yo? :frowning: