Garry's Mod Downloading problems.

I got a pretty annoying issue with Garry’s Mod as its not downloading any Map or Mod properly.

Everytime i try to join a TTT server, Gmod gets stuck on Downloading the map and does nothing else, sometimes an error pops up with: Engine Error, bad inline model.

But some other times it gets through the map download but then, when it starts downloading the TTT mod files and starts the game, There are no TTT mod textures at all, they are all Back and Purple checkers.

And everytime i try to join a TTT server it downloads ALL THE TTT MOD FILES again and again every time. And if its a new map it will just get stuck on there randomly for no apparent reason.

Ive already reinstalled out from the Backup but im still having the same problem.

I can play with the missing TTT mod icons and textures but its pretty darn annoying and i cant play 80% of the time due to the stuck on dowloading the map problem.

For the purple and black things , you dont got the game content that the map uses , ask an admin what you need for the map ( porbably counter strike)

And the other things i can only say , re-name your garrysmod map , it will create a new clean one , maybe it will help

Hi I want to know something, I would really apreciate it if someone can help me. When I join a RP server. I come to “addons/SCars basic/credits.txt” but it doesn’t progress or anything. I left it over night, thinking maybe its just a big file or something the next morning still nothing…PLEASE HELP.