Garry's Mod Downloading Starting From 92%

Hey Fellas.
Garry’s Mod Downloading Starting From 92%
Why…? and only 140mb required… Wierd…
what i supouse to do to download from the start thats maybe is the problem
that loading screen stuck…

Please make your post more comprehensible.

Oppy his problem is stated in the first 3 very legible lines did someone have a bad day?
Pajero yeah man this happens to mien too and i get the loading bar black screen screw up so tell me if yours runs right when you start it up :slight_smile:

You have HL2, that means it already has 92% of what it needs.

Ok thannks , any one of u know why Loading screen wont pass to the main manu?..

When i install Garry’s mod it always jumps in the 90’s.

OK i get it , now to mky problem… Why The loading screen Stucks?..
It wont head over to the main menu
the game is not responsing…