Garry's Mod Drakrp Toolgun problem

SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH, I try to explain.

Hello all :slight_smile: my problem : each player can make their own props. But I have a problem everyone can move, paint, remove props of other players. have an idea please ? on file lua or option toolgun …? thank advanced.

ps: I see nothing in the ULX, I see nothing FALCO prop … im superadmin pls help me … or are going to change that.

Get a prop protection addon.

:stuck_out_tongue: thank for fast reply… its that : “?”

because i have for the moment this addons :

and i have :
Falco Prop’s protection…

say me if i need the frist addons :slight_smile: thank advenced

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OMG its ok -_-… i have find !! thank for help