Garrys mod Driving

Hi Im kinda new to garrys mod and was wondering if any 1 would be nice ebough to help me out building planes and hover boards as when I turn it drifts off into a diffrent direction add me on steam my name Is NiNjA DrAgOnZ

Yeah churr brah hit me up gee my naem iz XxMasterChief_Stealth_Secret_Killer8657594xX

Duag, welcome to facepunch, also, please, use correct grammar here, or you will be shitted on.
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Your steam name precludes any chance of me helping you.

Just a bit mean.

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Drifting is easily solved with fin or an expression equation
I use one or the other depending on the situation and design

E:applyForce(-E:A Directional Vector to resist()*E:velL():the local X, Y or Z, the same one of the directional vector to resist on, ie:


Some multiplication may be nessesary