Garry's Mod Dupe to 3DS Max?

Hey everyone.

I recently started contributing models to an overhaul mod called ‘moviebattles II’ and they use a program called 3DS Max to create all of their models. I am extremely experienced with making models in Garry’s Mod, but after downloading 3DS and looking at everything there is to do one simple thing, I know I will never be able to figure out how to use it, like ever.

Since I can easily create complex 3D models in Garry’s Mod, I wanted to know if it was possible to import them to 3DS Max. To be clear, once you save your duplication in Gmod, it saves it as a .dupe file, and if you use Advanced Duplicator 2, like I do, it saves it as a .txt file.

Now, I read somewhere deep on the inter-webs that there was a program that could, instead of saving as a text file w/ adv dupe 2, save it as a .vmt file so that you can immediately open it in Hammer editor or compress it so that Hammer could read it. This was done with something called ‘VMT Suite’ which is now incompatible with the newest version of Garry’s Mod. Since my understanding of .vmt’s are that they are a file extension for 3D models that can be read by Hammer and what-not, I should be able to convert .vmt’s to a .mdl so 3DS Max can read it. Am I right?

If not, that brings me to my next question. Is it possible to convert a .dupe file into a .vmt, or .mdl or any other extension that can be read by 3DS? Again, it’s my understanding that everything in garry’s mod that I’ve built is made of tiny or large simple polygons, which 3DS Max can do, piece of cake, right?

I really need to know how to do this!

Thanks for reading.

As far as I know VMT Suite is a really old program, I’m not sure anyone still uses it anymore. Secondly there’s alot of good tutorials on how to get started with 3DS Max and the student license lasts two (?) years I think.
My recommendation: Use the camera tool in Garry’s Mod to photograph whatever it is you want to turn into a real model. Use said images as reference material once you get started.

Here are some good tutorials 3DS Max to get you started.

.VMT = Material (shaders) = Not directly usable in 3DS Max and does not store any model data whatsoever.
.VTF = Textures = Diffuse, Bump, specular, AO, etc. bitmap textures rendered by the .VMT files.
.MDL = Compiled model = Not directly compatible with 3DS Max as these are compiled proprietary formats readable by the engine and nothing else.

As Viper said, you’re better off learning how to actually model. It’s a real skill you can get hired for, and it’s a lot more useful than making dupes because it’s something you can put on a resume as well as use to create anything you desire.

If you want to actually spend the time to learn it, I’d suggest this channel’s tutorials because he’s a professional 3D artist who’s worked on games.

Well, I’m out of luck. Thank for the help guys, I appreciate it.

Ill look at those videos!