Garrys Mod Elevator

Hello, Ive made myself an elevator that goes up 5 floors, ive made this out of expression 1 ^^ Now i have a 5 story house, on each floor i have a button on the wall that i wanted to make the elevator come up to that room when the button is activated, the elevator has a Smoother, hydrolic, Constant value, and 5 buttons, Also has expression 1 on it, I attached them all together but i dont know how to make the elevator go up to those buttons on the wall in the rooms…I can only control the lift via the control panel witch is attached to the elevator.

Can anyone help me woith this issue? Someone said about putting a gate there but i dont know to be honst.

I’m horrible with wire but I do know that wiremod has there own forum at (Thanks Divran) and the guys there are pro. You may get a better response there.

I don’t get what you need help with. First you say you have already made an elevator using E1, a smoother, a hydraulic and some buttons… then you ask how to “fix it”?

By the way, Expression 1 is old and outdated. I suggest you use Expression 2 instead. Has an easier editor, easier syntax, and is a lot more powerful.

AJC, it’s, not org.

Its Divran, not Divean =D.

@name Hydrolic lift
@inputs Up Down Floor Set
@outputs Hydrolics Index
@persist Floors:array 
if (first() | duped()) {
Floors[1,number] = 0 #floor1 height
Floors[2,number] = 0 #floor2 height
Floors[3,number] = 0 #floor3 height
Floors[4,number] = 0 #floor4 height
Floors[5,number] = 0 #floor5 height
Index = 1
if (Up & Index < 5) {Index++}
if (Down & Index > 1) {Index--}
if (Floor & ~Floor) {Index = Floor}

if (Set | Floor) {
Hydrolics = Floors[Index,number]

Set an up arrow, a down arrow, and an ‘and’ chip wired to a non-toggled button with the value of the floor (1-5).

Whosdr’s way of making an elevator is a little advanced. I think you’re overdoing it.
Here’s a simpler way of doing it: by spamming if-cases :slight_smile:

@name Elevator
@inputs B1 B2 B3
@outputs Length
if (B1) {Length = 0}
if (B2) {Length = 100}
if (B3) {Length = 200}
#Copy that line for as many buttons as you need.

Use non-toggle buttons.

Thank you guys, i will try later

i cant even make an elevator

Lol hard luck, its easy tbh but i just need some guildence on this