Garry's Mod Engineers

We’re a gmod group with some pretty cool and talented people in it. We currently have 4 servers (All build for now), forums and soon some cool events. We keep cool unlike some other groups, as long as you’re not annoying you’re welcome to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Some things GME members have made


Connect to Supply’s Build

Connect to TweaK’s Build

Connect to Ghost’s Build

Connect to Legend’s Build

[li]Main website

See you in the servers

I play on Ghost’s server every once in a while. Good group of builders, excellent sense of humor.

I’m a regular on Tweak’s, and I used to be a regular on supply’s.
Great group of people.

Sweet, will join with friends.

Ghost played on my server yesterday, but it could have been another Ghost

love your groups website

Supply’s is my hometown server. Sad it doesn’t get as much traffic nowadays.

B+ group thread.
Do like.
(No sarcasm intended)

OMFG I change my mind. I just TRIED to build something in the servers, but everyone spams and none of the admins do shit to stop anything. DO NOT JOIN THESE SERVERS!

Considering that it’s around midnight on this side of the earth, Maybe the admins are just sleeping?
Anyways, a flood if idiocy is to be expected after posting on FP. I’ll check out the servers after it has a chance to get back to normal :v:

I goto GME servers and screw around with Ghost and Gunski a lot.

I remember it was Gunski, i’d tell him to do something about the minges and the spamming but he’s just like “Nope”



Cool server, ill check it out.

P.S. Where do you guys get all those yiff-like avatars? I want one! I have seen the fox and this and a couple others.

Oh lol i’ve been playing on Supply Man’s server since it started and I had no clue it was in this gmod engineers thing. Its the perfect server for aircraft building :P>

As seen on TweaK’s build



That is one sexy website you have there.

Holy shit, a community that was advertised on Facepunch that wasn’t made by people without a brain.

The portal site is pretty cool, however I don’t care for the text on the navigation bar or the G icon on it, the Search button’s text is misaligned in Google Chrome too.

Everything else looks fine, I’ll have to check out the servers tonight also.

I’ll poke gunski to fix it.