Garry's Mod Error

I am experiencing an error on Garry’s Mod. For whatever reason, some textures do not show up correctly.

This is the picture I have posted about it. I don’t see what is wrong, and for sure, I did not pirate Garry’s Mod. If you can help, I would appreciate it.

Started happening recently? Graphics updated and what is your specs?

This actually happened first thing I started it up today. I tried to set my graphics to the best they could be. I actually haven’t installed much, so I have no programs to blame.

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In a way, It might be because my Computer started out fresh.

Yeah but just to make sure, you ought to update your drivers and show your computer specifications with Speccy or something. Might help a lot to rule this out

Yesterday, I updated my Windows 7…I will check again, thanks!

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There were updates, and I really appreciate your help. Maybe I can subscribe to you on Youtube as a reward!

Huh? You should always keep Windows up to date. What I think he actually meant was you to update your video drivers.

Did you try any other maps? It could of just been that map you played on having broken textures.

Also as stated above update your video drivers.

Depending on your graphics card brand, you can go to your manufacturers site for their drivers or get them fresh from Nvidia or AMD.

Thanks, now the error is gone, and I don’t have to see such a glitch anymore. I had to keep my HD thing up to date for this. I did update windows, and this was the benefit.

It’s all done, I guess nobody needs to post on this. If you experience the same, do what I did.