Garry's Mod Event Poll - "You've got two options, that's it!"


Haaax, KrypteK and I, Phulax are going to organize an event again, but this time we thought it’d be nice to let you choose!
You’ll be able to choose from these two options:

  1. A rally event**
    This is your typical rally-event, like we’ve organized plenty of times. You will have to drive from point A to point B as fast as you can, while following e.g. a dirt-road in a rally-ready car.
    We are currently unsure if we’ll add classes to this rally event.

  2. A circuit event**
    This is essentially the same as the rally-event, but on a circuit. You’ll have two tries to set the fastest lap possible in a track/circuit-ready car. We will combine the times from said laps to determine your spot on the leaderboard.*

You will be eligible to vote until the 23rd of July 2017. After that, we’ll count the votes and we will make the official thread for the chosen event.
To vote, go here;

Allow me to use my 4 liter diesel V12 car with its 10 speed automatic and I’m in

And if the E2 Engine category is any E2 Engine and not just ptugas E2 then I’m in

Looks like its that time of the year again well as long as we get the vroom cars to go around turns it will be good.

bus race 2017 when

prop engines pls.

Prop-engine-powered bus race when

I’d be up for it, but I don’t know if other people are. Remember what happened with the last busrace? Only 3 (or 4) showed up…

Can i bring my Maus?

Wait and see… :wink:

Tank rally! Move + shoot, autocannon traps, dodge the landmines?!?!

Ok that’s probably more like a tank version of Takeshi’s castle/MXC. Can you survive the wobbly bridge?

I’d like to request that the rules are changed so that the only allowed vehicle is the shittiest garbage-bin yugo you can find.

Really though, this is gon’ be gooooood.

Bring back the death race/mad max event.
Vanilla car rally even.

There is also the idea of a Tank Biathlon or the Strong Europe type events that actually happen IRL but would be kinda weird in gmod as auto fcs or balistics e2s would have to be regulated. Could be crewed tanks or not depending on rules.

The one in 2012? had a lot of people.

No, the one in 2015/2016.

All I know is that bus race was the most fun I’ve had in the game so far iirc

It was fun because it was a shitz and Giggles race, which personally I think we should have more of. Speaking of which what is it with shits and Giggles stuff in Gmod always working so well despite having zero effort put into it?

because putting zero effort into things is the lowest common denominator in this community

Think back to when you first started it up and built your first thing, it was probably some janky mess of hoverballs and thrusters, or a seat welded to a hunter npc but you still loved it
That’s classic gmod to a lot of people, just being able to dick around building anything you could think of, no points for style or effort, everything was for shits and giggles

Getting to do that with a bunch of friends again just takes you back

I mean in the sense that if I for a quick gag throw together a car in the jankiest way possible it always seems to work uncomfortably well compared to detailed complicated stuff that I make.