Garry's Mod Experiences

What do you love about Garry’s mod?

“10. Do not argue with the Admins, they are the ones who make the decisions.”

I’ll make sure not to join

npcs, ragdolls, paint_tool, machinimas, fun, clans, rp, zombies, Singleplayer. :slight_smile:

Um, what?

All in GMOD

with GMOD theather :3

am i the only one who gets sexually aroused by lag?

It’s so…


I love everything, Garry is a Genius.

Obviously DarkRP

because it’s so fun

The base game, Wiremod, ACF, and the ability to do really dumb and stupid things without real life consequences! (I highly doubt anyone in the real world would willingly let me build a ‘wrecking ball’ out of a shipping container)

Join the MythBusters

He means that many admins are utter 12yr old fags, seems they like to boss people about yet they’re not the owner. They have freedom, but to fuck everything up and ban people for: “getting my drugzz” or “robbin mah howse” or other meaningless reasons.

Common on DarkRP servers.

the 8 year olds who micspam,

actually no, i like trolling the 8 year olds that are micspamming

The fact many people think it is a DDoS attack when there is small lag, most of the time it is someone prop spamming.

I made a penis

Obviously that is a ddos attack.

Spacebuild was the thing that held me for the longest. We had some good times back in the SB2 days, but lost interest when SB3 came along.

I was thinking of taking a look at it again and see what’s going on.

dos not ddos…

don’t see how it would be ddos because that’s a few people or 2 people doing it.

dos is one person.


Owning mingebags at there own game… then they spam :confused:

I hate people that prop spam and people that play music down the microphone…

  1. Spawn six boxes.

  2. Banned for attempting to crash the server.

Oh, you admins.