Garry's Mod Facepunch Village Housing Project [NEW]


Would be interesting to see but I don’t think a lot of people will participate as you’re using hamachi.

I would give it a go except Hamachi and I never seem to get on well.

Yeah Hamachi is a bad choice for this.

Someone just discovered the stacker tool

Also Hamachi is horrible learn how to port forward.

I guess I’ll give it a go, Hamachi download time.

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Fun when I join Hamachi and there’s no server at that address…

A huge stack of bunkers, nice.

This is silly in every regard

Why do I want to participate for shits and giggles :c

Gmod tower: poor mans edition

Could be interesting if it wasn’t on fucking HAMACHIIIIIIIIIIII

I’m having the same problem.

Those are some, uh, interesting buildings you have there

Sorry guys, I didn’t have the server up because the plug strip on the router went out. And yes, upon discovery of the stacker tool our brains decided to dick around with it as much as we could and we came up with this idea.

By the way, if the hamachi status for ME is red on the circle, right click and trust me.

Get a real server please

I know a friend who can host a server on a real IP for me, but it’d be on for a shorter duration. I have the server up right now, so thats why I don’t want to get him to host through SRCDS.

Server will be up for a few hours.


无语中…… You are from? I come from China

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