Garry's mod fads?

I’ve seen like rainbow Tylenol made from different things like the 4 peters from family guy (which spawned it’s own fad) Soooo I’ve been wondering lately. Any Youtube fads based around Garry’s Mod?
I haven’t seen any so here :smiley:

How would this be a ‘fad’? You shoot some random ragdoll with a gun and upload it to YouTube? How is that entertaining?

Well it’s an npc… Did you ever see that skit on snl that had to do with the ending to that show the oc?
If you don’t find it entertaining I’m sorry D: I thought it was funny.
Sorry I did find one that has a couple different posts

Why isn’t this man banned yet?

While minifett is sorta funny, the rest is crap.

Well, my attitude is, dare I risk to say, that mlp invaded GM as a fad, since it’s not Source canon, IDK what you would call that, but it seems like that has so many Gmod videos uploaded to YT, probably because the fact that GM simply is the fastest and simplest 3D art form possible, that so many in that community, outside of the GM use it to make their point. I can’t believe the amount of screenshots uploaded to deviant art. I understand not everyone likes this, and I hope I am not someone else shoving it in your face just by talking about it. Being a fan of something is one thing, but the amount of fans working together via Gmod is another.

so many fucking pony oc’s on workshop

Like/Dislike rating on the video:

yeah that sounds about right.

xD I didn’t even notice that there were 6 dislikes. But hey, 45 views makes me happy

We already had this “fad”. It was called “Dear X”

About two years ago.

THAT’S THE SPIRIT! Doesn’t matter if everyone hates your content as long as you can get an astounding 45 views even when you advertise it!

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So why not warn me and delete the post instead of banning me first offense.
I can’t find the original skit from snl. But I am sorry.

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Thank you for telling me.

Actually more like 4 years ago since this swep was created around the same timeframe

The bans are the warnings

But in this case I wouldn’t mind if the mods skipped that.

We clearly have different opinions about what the term “ban” means.


that was the first result on google…

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uh they’re not permas. i’m sure you can survive a 12h-3d ban, it’ll help you learn and understand how facepunch works

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