Garrys mod fails to start up (need urgent help)

When I try to start up GMod the game simply gets to the loading screen (without the blue bar) and then crashers.

For some reason when starting up it uses 0% CPU, but causes steam to use 50% cpu even after I have force closed GMod, making me need to restart steam.

I could really do with some help, as I can’t find a solution to this problem, and yes I have tried reinstalling.

Sounds like a personal problem.

(I really wish I could help you.)

this happens to me too.

Sorry bro i dont know how to help you out either.

I know why. If you have some odd or unregistered video card (most Intel GMAs like the x4500mHD and the x3100m and their desktop counterparts) then you can’t run the game in DX9, which is odd since all other games run fine in DX9. Go into the launch options and put one of the following:

-dxlevel 70
-dxlevel 80
-dxlevel 81

If you need DX9, try:

-dxlevel 98

though i’ve never tested it and don’t flame me if it isn’t DX9 or something, I don’t know.

-t11LmG, the 22 year old version.