Garry's Mod Fails to start up

Hey i have downloaded garrys’ mod on steam along with counterstrike source and as i click on garrys mod it will say preparing to launch the game and then it will dissapear and an error message saying to send or dont send comes up. i dont understand whats going on plz help tnx.

Have you run CS:S at least once?

no i cant run that either the same thing happens.

Computer specs?

what are in the specs like memory model name processor?

Your video card, quantity of RAM, processor model and to a lesser extent your operating system are the main things we need to know.

RADEON 9200 SE 1024mb RAM intel pentium 4 2 CPU model: GA-8ISXT

Your computer is too old. Go out to the store and buy a new one.

it worked on it before lol fine