garrys mod fails to start

The game crashes before it has a chance to start, here is a run down of the problem and steps I have already taken to attempt fixing it.

I purchased Gmod off steam, installed it, tried to open it and hl2.exe unexpectedly quit. Now, when this happens it brings the steam window stating the game is starting then error instantly comes afterwards, the games loading screen never even appears.Once that happened, I verified the cache, defragged the game, tried again, same error. Then I uninstalled the game, reinstalled it and tried to play, take a guess. Went through the other process again to make sure and still no luck. What is the deal…

I have plenty of games on steam, they all work. Gmod used to work awhile ago when i bought it on my old account that was stolen, so what is the deal here, i’m mad haha… i’m running xp if that matters and my drivers are fine.


I’m getting the same problem. The “HL2.exe stopped working” error right after I click on the game. It never gets to start up. I’ve tried countless fixes but none of them work. Every other game seems to be working just fine. I’m running on Windows 7 though.

same problem on vista its infuriating me

There are some possible solutions here: