Garrys mod falcons prop protection a.k.a fpp problem

Hi, im new to these forums, but i need some help today i downloaded falcons prop protection and it worked, but only players cant touch my admin items i can touch player items maybe somebody can help me with the settings. And btw is there a way too turn on no collide in it?

What? Turn nocolide in it?

Going to take a shot in the dark and say, you’re trying to configure FPP, and turn on prop ghosting?

If you’re and admin just open your Q menu and go under Utilities --> Falco’s Prop Protection --> and click the Admin settings.

It’s normal for admins to interact with players props but players should not be able to interact with anyone’s props or entries but their own unless they are granted someones “Prop Protection”.

FPP has a good amount of settings, you will just have to mess with them to see what they do.

Here’s a few of those settings you may want to look at since they are related to the physics and the Anti-Spam options, which allows you to have props ghosted if they are too large… I’m guessing this is what you meant by “nocollide”

If you want “Non-admins” to have the ability to move your props and such, just add them to your Buddy list (under Utilities --> Falcos Prop Protection --> Buddies)

If you are an admin, but want to avoid unfreezing or touching someones prop by mistake just open the “Private settings” menu

Just mess around with the settings… there are plenty to mess with, you will learn how to use it quickly.

…and if this was not what you wanted…then I’m not sure what you were asking.


Forgot to mention this, but next time you post a help thread you should put it in the Help & Support Section, don’t want to risk your thread getting locked, your account banned or have everyone flame at you for this reason.