Garrys mod falcons prop protection a.k.a fpp problem

Hi, This is my 3rd thread this day :smiley: until i finded the place. Ok so o downloaded falcons prop protection and it works prefectly but there is one problem… I can protect a player from taking props from admin (myself), but i cant protect admin from taking props from another player. How do i do this cause the new prop protection looks complicated and even if i dont mark that admins can do stuf he can still touch other props.

For the sake of re-typing, this was from your thread in the General chat area.

Not sure why would you need it disabled for admins, if you don’t trust them I would find better admins, try using the “Private Settings” menu if you are worried about breaking someones contraption, otherwise you could try disabling “Admins can ____ all entities”, each tab should have one of those options, but I think it would be alot easier to just use the private settings, or tell your admins to be a bit more careful

Hope this helps some.

Thanks That was really helpfull but the last thing i couldint find. Is this: Well when my friend press Z it removes my items and his. And when i place for example a door that works on one button he can control it too, And the last thing is with the rtcamera when i place it on one button and my friend places it on another button, and when we place two screens (his and mine) it shows the same view and if he or me presses the rtcamera button it switches to his or mine. Sorry if im really anoying i really need help on these ones. And when you mentioned private settings i didin’t find any thanks.

P.S sorry if my English is bad.

Not really sure what you mean… or why that would even happen… unless you have FPP check for constrained props… that is the only reason I can think of at the moment.

That’s normal, unless you enable “Use” protection then only you and anyone on your “prop protection” list can use your buttons.

You can only use one RT camera at a time.(there is only one RT material it can use), so that explains why it changes if he uses his camera, or vise versa.

Not sure what version of FPP you are running, but the private settings would be under Options – Falco’s Prop Protection – Private Settings. Its right near the Admin settings and Buddies menu, If you do not have it, try updating to the latest version of FPP (SVN is the best way to get the most up to date version).

No Biggie, we were all new to the game at one point in time… although if I were you I would explore things on your own, best way to learn… just mess with it.

Although I think FPP is okay, there are other alternatives as well, just look around a bit. An easy one would be Simple Prop Protection, not as many options but it works fine and is pretty easy to use, but it comes down again to your own personal preference.

Here are some others, although I’ve never used them myself… seen them before but I would stick with FPP or SPP for now… but feel free to check them out anyway.

Ulysses Prop Share (Requires [url=]ULib)
Wolf’s Prop Protection

Hope this helps some, and good luck.

Thank you this helped me really much! I forgot what svn is and today i remebered and updated thanx!