Garry's Mod "fansite" ideas

The title says it all,

I am making a new website focused on Garry’s Mod, and I need some ideas on what kind of website.

Heres one idea

Garry’s Mod Social Network?

And one more thing, my webhost does not support any youtube looking sites

Not to be the most sour patch kid in the pack of M&Ms, but it isn’t necessary to make a website to JUST gmod. I mean if you wanted to you could always make comics or something.

We have and facepunch.

I know but I want some kind of a gmod community website, something thats good, unlike

Its too messy

You can either go find a server with a community or make your own server and make a community.

No I dont want a community with a server, I just want a website where gmod players all around the world can come and socialize

I can also have mod reviews, map reviews, server reviews, comics etc…etc

What do you mean by socialize? Gmod speed dating?

Really to socialize about a game you need to go out and play the game or have something to say about the game. Really IMO the best places to socialize are on servers.

I know, and not speed dating lol

I was thinking a social networkish website

What is there to dislike about the community now? Social Networks are something like twitter or facebook. Steam is the portal for your social network and gaming needs.

I mean a Garry’s Mod Social Network

Yea, with like player profiles and groups and maybe you can play the game through the site. Annnnd make it so it counts your hours and you can find other people and such really easily. Maybe like steam?

Join the official GMod and Facepunch groups on Steam. BAM, instant social networking.

I ment a Garry’s Mod site seprate from Steam and Facepunch

Why, we already have facepunch the most badass fansite ever.

Bad site idea, Just sayin.

Watch, it’ll be hosted on Freewebs or some shit.

I already have a hosted website :confused:

And I’m going to use the webscript Dolphin 6