Garry's Mod Fast Download Error

Hello everyone, I have a feeling this has been asked a million times but I’ve searched google many many times trying to find a fix and I can’t. I have many different addons/mods on my DarkRP server which you NEED to download the models to be able to view; otherwise you’ll see an error sign.

Some Addon’s Include:

  1. TDM Cars
  2. Natalya’s Car Pack 2
  3. Wiremod
  4. Custom Job Models

What’s The Issue:
Now what I do is I put the files in the correct folder that I am supposed to. [Not the issue]
Then I hit websync. [This imports the files/models/materials/etc. to the fast dl]
Then when entering the server it doesn’t download the necessary files to the user’s computer. [So far the only way is it do it manually, which people obviously don’t want to do]

Can someone please help me solve this issue. This would be saving me a great deal of pain and time.


Ok, do you have a resource file? You can find a nice resource generator here.

With fastdl sometimes it is best to exclude a lot of big files like TDM and other big packs. This is because people don’t want to wait around for all these download, they just want to play in the first 5 minutes, any longer is more like a commitment. Anyway, I find it best to create the the fastdl directory using SourceRSC, you can find it here

SourceRSC will copy your garrysmod folder and compress files to allow faster downloading speed. If you do choose this route, when SourceRSC is done copying, you need to manually put every addon in garrysmod/models, materials, sounds, etc.

Gary, I understand this may be a lot to ask for… But could you possibly help me do both of these?