Garry's Mod FastDL - Do I have it right?

Okay. I have a TTT server with some custom sounds, and I want them to be downloaded bla bla bla fastdl. Now, I have quadruple checked my code for everything and it WON’T DOWNLOAD to people when they join. I ran my FastDL script:

SourceRSC /ini:Garry'sModTTT.ini

Which refers to this script:

//Tell SourceRSC what mod it's working with (CSS, HL2DM, DODS, TF2, L4D, GMOD)
//If using a custom RSC file for a mod, enter the name of the RSC file minus the .rsc

//Gameserver query mode (FTP or Local)

//Redirect query mode (FTP or Local)

//Enter the path to the gamemod if querying gameserver via local mode

//Enter the root path to the redirect if querying redirect via local mode

//If querying game server via FTP, where should SourceRSC save compressed downloaded files to
//Leaving this as-is is fine.
c:\fastdl	emp\gmod2

//Delete the CompressPath folder when done

//Don't process the addons folder of game server.  Set to False for Garry's Mod(True/False)

//Skipmisc:  Automatically skip the logs, downloads, svn related folders, and other misc folders on game server--speeds things up a bit (especially when using ftp) (True/False)

//-----The following ftp server info is used to connect to the Redirect-----
//This section is only needed if querying redirect via ftp
//Redirect:  FQDN or IP of your FTP Server

//Redirect:  FTP Server Port (Def 21)

//Redirect:  FTP Username

//Redirect:  FTP Password

//The root folder of your redirect, must be prefixed with /  ie. /redir.  Leave blank for root

//Redirect:  Use passive mode?  Try toggling this if you are having problems connecting to the server (True/False)

//Redirect:  Automatically upload new compressed files to the redirect? (True/False)
//If set to false you'll need to manually upload the files in [CompressPath] path to your redirect.

//Redirect:  Create Redir-FTPPath if it doesn't exist

//Debug:  Be very verbose? (True/False)

//Autoupdate:  Automatically check for updated basefiles(True/False)

//Delete files on the redirect that aren't on the server? (Off, Report, or Delete)
//You should probably keep this off for Garry's Mod
//Off==feature disabled
//report==will report files on the redirect that aren't on the game server
//delete==same as report but will automatically delete them (ensure everything is working correctly before setting to this)

And it uploaded the correct files to the FastDL server. I watched it upload the sound files. But why won’t people download them when they join?

sv_downloadurl	"
sv_allowupload	0
sv_allowdownload	0 

I have that in my Server.cfg, like everything I’ve read has told me to do.

Is that your real ftp password?

Edit: You should change it is what I’m suggesting and check for your server/data.

0.0 nooooooo


sv_downloadurl	""

When I was setting up my fastdl it wouldn’t work either until I put “http://” in front of the url.