Garry's Mod FastDL don't work...


Okay what i know:
All files get downloaded from my FastDL to client.
The files get saved to Garry’s Mod/garrysmod/download <- Don’t ask me why the client get the files to this o_O
But the models can’t be used… It’s always a ERROR, when i change path to path with /download/ it don’t work too!

My fastDL URL :

My settings in server.cfg:
sv_downloadurl “
sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowupload 0

My lua in lua/autorun/server:

The Models work when i use The workshop way… but this don’t work for all I need

Every in google didn’t help so maybe anyone know more…

Did you put the api key in the server.cfg
If you use workshop you have to create a collection and add the resource as well as putting the api key in there.

My API Key is inside my startscript. I realy don’t know why the Models doesn’t work. Maybe something with the server. I mean, that the server don’t load the models Serverside or something like that.

Because they get downloaded but you still se a red ERROR D:

Holy hell that’s a lot of crap you are making clients download.

Most of them are maps, which don’t get downloaded until those specific maps are being played.

I’m pretty sure ~25% of the download being maps isn’t “most of them”

So nobody know why it doesn’t work for me?

Do you think re-download the Server can fix it?

What doesn’t work? Are there certain files that aren’t being downloaded or are they all not working? Do people see themselves downloading the workshop items when they join or not?

The problem is, the files get downloaded by the clients. BUT the models don’t work.
Means only MODELS from the WORKSHOP work. The Models from my FASTDL get downloaded BUT they a big error in game! When I move the models from the Garrys Mod/garrysmod/downloads/models folder to Garrys Mod/garrysmod/models it work…

You should always place your files in garrysmod/models, not garrysmod/downloads/models because that is the folder that stores all the files that your clients have already downloaded from the server.

The problem is the files get downloaded in this folder… Because this they don’t work ingame.
How can i change this? because my FastDL is setup right…