Garry's Mod FastDL Generator

So, I’ve recently been spending a couple of hours working on a tool which scans through the given directory and pulls out and compresses any files that Clients need to download from a server.
Once this tool has finished its scan, it will optionally generate a resource.AddFile lua file which will save you a lot of time and secures that you have all your Client-side files flagged for Client-download.


Complete Preview:

Desktop Preview: (Linked to save screen-space)
Desktop Preview (With Folder Explorer): (Linked to save screen-space)

11/09/14: Dramatically updated the VGUI - Switched from TKinter to PyQt - as well as fixed a few very minor bugs in the code

10/09/14: Initial Release

Todo List

  • Blacklist all default Garry’s Mod files from being processed
  • DONE | In some cases, .bz2 compression actually increase file-size. If this is the case, just copy over the original file
  • DONE | Unpack .gma files and process them appropriately
  • Any other features people request

Download Here: (Not yet the most updated version!)

This is really cool! Thanks for making it!:rock:

Very nice!

Is this just for Windows servers or will this also work for Linux?

Currently it’s just Windows, but when I do my next update; I’ll add support for Linux.


Why are you required to turn your server off/on?

Maybe it’s his way of saying restart it?
That’s what I’m guessing.

Because you have to restart your server whenever you add/remove a file. E.g. ‘lua/autorun/fastdl_####.lua’.

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No real need for pictures, you just double-click on the executable and you get a popup request a directory. Then you get another one after that. I probably should redo the VGUI.

Also, does anybody think it will be useful if I ‘whitelisted’ all the default ‘garrysmod/garrysmod’ files; in case you fancy scanning that directory and obviously don’t want to worry about them as everybody already has them downloaded?


I always used a batch file.

You don’t have to if it’s in lua/autorun.

Is that so? I’ve never noticed to be honest.
Does this apply to ‘addons/xyz/lua/autorun’?

Core you always restart just to be safe.

Thanks, I have been needing a tool like this because I was just using the workshop fastdl thing what is annoying and does not work sometimes.

FoxWarriors resource generator is a lot better than this, but nice job anyhow.

Are we going to follow up with evidence on that argument or just leave it at that?

These are pretty much completely different tools… However, my tool not only generates a resource file; but also compresses your files into a Garry’s Mod acceptable format; allowing for quick downloads.

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Guys, I’ve just completely recreated the GUI for this tool. Please let me know what you think :slight_smile:
I haven’t uploaded the latest version to GitHub yet, but I will after I compile this for Windows & Linux and finish the todo list :slight_smile:

Hey, I download this and it doesn’t look like your screenshots. Here is what it looks like for me. How can I fix this? height="1280 " width=“720”

See this post.

Oh, lol. Sorry.

I’ve seen you post on the forums a lot lately and I gotta say a lot of the times when you post a problem you’re having it can be solved by reading the whole post.