Garry's Mod FastDL Setup (Please Help)

Hey guys, I’m working on FastDL for my server right now. I’ve heard many things today on how to do this, but even on my last server I don’t think I did it correctly. If anyone knows please let me know, otherwise I will post what I would normally do. Note: This is for the non-workshop version of FastDL as most of my addons are not on the workshop.

  1. Get the addon(s)
  2. Add to server files (I don’t know if I put the addon directly into the “addons” folder, or add the included folders into the root of my server. e.g. lua with lua, materials with materials, etc.
  3. Use resource generator to get a list of all downloadable files
  4. Post the list in my .lua file located in root/lua/autorun/server
  5. bzip2 all the downloadable files
  6. Upload the materials, resources, sounds, particles, models, maps from my server files to my website / FastDL location.
  7. Add link using sv_downloadurl located in server.cfg
  8. Restart server, and test by joining.

I’m pretty sure I got everything else right, my main question is Number 2. I don’t know what to do with the addons themselves. The only reason I don’t want to put into addons folder is because I’ve gotten weird errors like black sky, no weapons, games don’t mount, etc. People were telling me this was caused by having too many addons in the addons folder. Like right now, I want to add 124 workshop addons to my server. But this does not include any player models, or custom addons. Plus, I already having a couple folder in my addons folder such as, darkrpmodification, ULX, and pointshop. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know. Thanks

Please reconsider this, nobody wants to spend hours downloading shit to join your server.

Workshop addons should not be extracted, instead you should add them to a collection and put the collection id and your steam api key in the command line of your server, and in the lua/autorun/server/ lua file you should use


I’m telling you again, please don’t do this, it won’t succeed.

To debug actual FastDL you can run “developer 4; download_debug 1” in your console before joining the server, which will give you information in your console about fastdl errors.

Here is my issue, I’ve narrowed my addons down to 66 Workshop addons. When I join my server I have a broken chat, black sky, weapons are listed as print name, spawn menu won’t open, physgun is gray, and I get random LUA errors such as base/lua/cl_user.lua is causing errors which doesn’t make any sense as I do not edit that section of my files. Any idea what is causing this? Also, I followed your steps above but other people were telling me I also needed to extract the addon using GMad and place it in my addons folder.

66 workshop addons jesus. Well for one, there is a lua limit, meaning if you have too much addons (and im not sure when too much is too much, and by your server connection stats, too much can break the server)