Garry's Mod February 2016 Hotfix 2 Problems

Upon starting Gmod after the latest hotfix, there is some annoying issues going on.
The problems both me, my friends, and my brother have include:
Killicons being completely broken (LUA errors caused when killing or being killed)
Dark spawn menu with huge text whe hovering over something (Looks pretty nice except for the text issue and a white box at the bottom of the spawnlist list)
No sounds on many custom weapons (Especially M9K)

Not entirely sure what’s going on. Did 3 reinstalls and disabled all addons and there was no difference.
Also, sorry if it has been reported before, I did not see it so I think we’re the only ones.

Uninstall broken addons and pirated content packs.

Don’t have any pirated content, though I will go an a hunt for broken addons.

By pirated content I meant addons with pirated game content, such as CS:S content packs, etc. It’s what causes your sound problems, and probably the font issue as well.

Like I said, don’t have any. Just learned to put up with the errors since I really don’t wanna pay $20 for a 12 year old game I might not even play.

EDIT: Found some broken addons way in the back of my subscribed list. Problems seem to be fixed. Thanks for the help, i very much appreciate it.