Garry's Mod Finland Films - Combined - Looking for few members


(I made this to be a nice ad for our recruitment matter)

I’m Vincenso, the founder of Garry’s Mod Finland Films (ex Fuffa Films). About one year ago I assembled the team, mainly because of this one project that I have been writing for the past year. People almost for frustrated because it took me this long, but we got trough it, and now we are preparing to start the production of Combined.

This is a Half-Life 2 -themed machinima which interferes with the stories of Gordon Freeman and the rebels. It’s about a citizen of City 17, who lost everything when he was captured by the Combine in the early phase of the invasion. He became a test subject as a part of the ‘metrocop’-experiement, which aimed to bring human-like city guards in the streets after things quieted down after the war. The Combine perform major surgeries on him and change his human body to something else, but as the series/movie goes along, it becomes clear that no matter what they did, they couldn’t remove all the remains of his humanity.

It’s not yet decided if this will be published as a series or a movie.

I don’t claim this to bring out something brand new, but I took the idea pretty far, and the story includes many interesting twists and turns.

But let me get to the actual point if this post; We are looking for a few more members to join the production team. Because the core of the team is all finnish, and we can’t pronounce english perfectly, we need actors that speak english as a primary language to do the jobs.

We are mainly looking for:

Male voice actor
- Developed voice
- Acting skills
- Own decent quality microphone

Here are the lines for a demonstration, which you should link or send with your application:

/ marks a short pause in the speech

Send samples to . I wish to hear frustration, deep breaths and depression in the audition sample. You can also send multiple takes if you wish

We are also looking for :

Sound engineer
- Understanding in voice manipulation / morphing
- Co-operation skills

Music composer
- Understanding of many music genres
- Decent music software or equipment
- Co-operation skills

(as I have pre-planned, the soundtrack will include songs not made by the team, but we could use our own piece of music aswell)

If you wish to apply, or have any further questions, please contact us at or in this thread.

Thank you for your time, and I hope this got even some of you interested : )

I might have a voice to offer.

Thats great! If you want to apply, send us an email to with a description of yourself and your skills.

We added some lines to the first post that you should make a demonstration with. Then upload it and put a link to it into the email. You can also send the whole file with the email if you wish.

I sent you a PM first. When you reply I’ll send something via email.

Sent. :slight_smile:

I think I said it all in the email I sent you :slight_smile: We will contact you soon again.

You made my day, thanks !

i am 14, but i can do voicing :stuck_out_tongue: add me on steam if i can

If you think you fill the requirements, you can send your audition clip to . Only way to apply is thru our email or this thread. Thanks

I can be a Music Composer

I have Sony vegas, Ill contact you tomorrow becuz im on holidays and will bb tomm

I replied your PM with a sample request. Waiting for your reply now.

Still would like to point out that we are still missing few male voice actors.