Garry's Mod Finland - Our Happy Christmas

Hi Facepunch!

Our new machinima group would like to wish all you guys merry christmas, and to show you our entry to the Holiday Challenge. This was filmed on our christmas & server opening party 18th december.

This was very fun to make, and we hope that you will enjoy watching it! community


I really like the style of this machinima, it really showed that you can make pure machinima with a few clips of you and your friends just having fun.

Well, it was all about having fun, not to make top machinima : ) We had good time, and I think thats why it looks good on film too

That’s a nice Christmas present.

Charming stuff.

Merri khristmass

Awww :buddy:

I feel warm and fuzzy now

Agreed… That was beautiful well done!

Thank you : )


Greatest christmas video ive seen

Victory! :>

agreed, best christmas video ever.

This was an awesome video. You guys should be very proud, great work.

I love it. :smiley:


you bastards…

It was his time to go, sacrifice himself for greater good, for rest of us to get a nice and juicy headcrab steaks : ) He will be missed, but he didnt get eaten in vain, because he was very tasty indeed !

Im glad you people liked the video :slight_smile:

it was heartwarming for me :slight_smile:

I didn’t see any Koskenkorva on the table hä-hä